Intelligently Buy your Property.

Preparing for your Purchase

  • Check your credit history and FICO score.
  • Get mortgage pre-approval
  • Find out what type of mortgages you quality for
  • Consider hiring an attorney to review all contracts and agreements associated with the home buying process
  • Save up for a down payment (typically 10-20% of property’s value; if FHA-qualified, then possibly less)
    • Consider closing costs which can include taxes, attorney’s fees, transfer fees, as well as utilities and deposits.

  • Determine what is important to you, such as particular schools, neighborhood amenities, monthly mortgage payment, public transportation, walkability, etc.

  • Make sure you include home owner’s assessments, utilities, and taxes when calculating the monthly mortgage payment

Home Inspections

10 Questions to Ask Home Inspectors, (REALTOR® Magazine)

Frequently Asked Questions on Home Inspections, (American Society of Home Inspectors).

Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector, (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).

Hiring a Home Inspector, (®).

Do not “Wave” Your Inspection, (®).

Negotiate and Make an Offer

The Bottom Line on Contract Negotiation(link is external), (SRS Council).

The Basics of Making an Offer, (®).

Negotiating to Yes, (SRS Council).

Closing Documents You Should Keep, (REALTOR® Magazine)

Step-by-Step ​Guides

Managing Your Credit

The Buying Process in America can be a great experience.

Buying a home or condo in the United States doesn’t have to be difficult. The way U.S. real estate transactions are carried out may differ from your home country. Just follow a few well defined steps below, or connect with an International Real Estate Agent, and you will find that you can succeed with a purchase that you can be proud of.